Friday, May 1, 2015

Start your Derby Day with Berries and Buskervilles (and pick up some tomato plants, while you're at it).

The spring harvest continues at the Bardstown Road Farmers' Market.  

Strawberry, rhubarb, asparagus, tender greens, fiery peppers. and plenty more offerings are on hand. 

And if you follow the local practice of putting out your tomato plants on Derby Day, you'll find a big assortment of locally started plants - popular and heirloom varieties - on hand.  

And, yes, √Buskervilles will be on hand playing an eclectic mix of folk music from 8 am to noon (1722 Bardstown Road). 

Because it's timely - and worth repeating - here is Thomas Merton's celebration of a spring day:  
The City's Spring

Though jealous March, in marble skies
Prisoned our April Saturdays, 
This air is full of courtesies. 

The walls, that wept with arrowy rain,
Turn a new presence to the sun. 
Flowers and friendly days are in. 

The bended lanes are loud with cries, 
And are become our Italies,

And bring sweet songs and strawberries.  

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