Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is it a gathering, a shindig, a hootenanny, or a flootenanny?

Flootenanny, noun.
Pronunciation: /fluːt(ə)nænɪ/
1. Crowd-sourced musical chaos with Hound of the Buskervilles and The Survival of the Flootest Disharmonic Orchestra.
2. An unpredictable spontaneous instrumental combustion event known to occur when Flutophones and Slide Whistles are found in close proximity to children and inebriated adults.

For more information about gatherings, shindigs, hootenannies, and Flootenannies, please follow this link (on some browsers, you may need to fast forward to the 20:38 mark).

A whole mess of Floot and a little bit of nanny....

Will there be a Flootenanny this Sunday at Clifton's Pizza?  It's impossible to say.  But Hound of the Buskervilles will be there.

Clifton's Pizza Company, Sunday November 30, 6:30-9:30.

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